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As a trainer and educator, I help participants build awareness, understanding, or skill in a particular domain. Ideally, we achieve all three.

My offerings includes my flagship training program, Building the Feedback Muscles which supports building a culture of true learning and development inside organizations.



I offer training, consulting, and coaching on culture, learning, growth and development to both teams and individuals.

Other Training Programs

I offer robust, dynamic, and engaging training on topics such as:

  • Building Self-Awareness

  • Creating a culture of learning, growth & development

  • Accountability Structures

  • Team Effectiveness & Cohesion

  • Boundary-setting

  • Enacting a coaching approach to managing people

  • How to Grow: habit, behaviour change and coaching ourselves

  • Adapting our operating system and norms for hybrid/remote 

  • Manager Training: 

    • Progressive cohort-based programs encompassing: cultivating your leadership philosophy, delegation, managing performance,  developing your team members, and understanding the risks and pitfalls of the employment relationship.


Customized Training

Don’t see the topic you’re looking for? I often design custom programs on a variety of human skills (“soft skills”) for my clients. Contact me to discuss your unique needs.


As a consultant and partner, I have a passion for solving all kinds of problems that affect people, teamwork, and culture, to unleash individual and collective potential.

Some typical engagements are:

  • Shaping a magnetic organizational culture -  where the right people are attracted and choose to stay. In this type of engagement we set the foundation for driving alignment and cohesion within an organization. We'll discover and distill what’s important as we intentionally design or shift the company’s existing culture. We break down what this culture means in practice - how it translates into the way we work, behave towards each other, and most importantly, the way decisions are made. Both the process and the artifacts/documents that are created serve to codify the culture and orient and guide new and existing employees.

  • Team effectiveness sessions - including facilitating a process for making the implicit, explicit. We might explore new dimensions and ways of relating better, align on what better cohesion would enable, and design a charter to articulate norms, expectations, values, principles, and preferences

  • Impactful Experience Design - be it an offsite, virtual retreat, setting up an effective and repeatable framework for all-staff meetings, team building or team appreciation experiences. Check out an overview of my Tailored Gatherings offering.

  • Designing a Learning & Development Strategy - this type of engagement might include articulation of a philosophy, current state and needs assessments, tactics, vendor sourcing, coordinating, delivering workshops, evaluating effectiveness of tactics.

  • Advisory Services for early-stage companies – often coupled with coaching founders, I provide advice on handling people-related issues and setting up the right culture to drive your venture forward.

  • Designing and facilitating peer-to-peer learning sessions or programs.

  • Many other types or engagements related to organizational design, development, and culture




As a coach, I can help you, or your team get clear and unstuck from whatever is preventing you from realizing greater success. As a professional coach since 2013, I've been amazed at the profound impact coaching can have.

I offer two main types of coaching engagements:

Executive/Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching usually involves a series of phases, starting with a discovery session, an assessment or stakeholder interviews, goal setting, and development planning. Then over our regular sessions, we will be testing assumptions and diving into experimentation with new perspectives and ways of being. We will toggle between making traction on your overarching goals and addressing emergent issues. The typical duration of a coaching engagement is six to 12 months.

Individual Growth & Development Coaching
It’s clear that most people can benefit from having a coach to help them along any kind of learning journey, regardless of whether they hold a leadership position or not.

What makes life most fulfilling is pushing our boundaries and doing hard things. With me as your growth coach and accountability partner, you’ll dramatically increase your chance of success.

Some typical goals my clients have are: improving public speaking, defensive tendencies, improving attention to detail, improving and the dynamics of key relationships, finding their voice/being more assertive, improving influencing skills, maintaining boundaries at work, or actioning salient feedback from 360 reviews.

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